Coaching your staff

A coaching client finishes tomorrow.

We’ve talked to each other for 7 hours over 12 weeks or so. I figure he’s put in between 600 and 800 hours of thinking, working, trying, reading, reflecting, pushing out the boat and generally rewiring his thinking.

He’s been a star and to see such progress is why I coach and why I strongly believe that as a model for people management it is untouchable.

I realise there are some advantages as a coach when I can be more impartial and independent ( I never actually meet some clients).

However many of the skills are easily adopted in the management environment and I encourage all managers to explore the coaching methodology.

However this is my ‘company management’ take:

Listen – learn how to listen and what to listen for (more on that in a future post)

Understand – what future they dream of; unearth the blocks and the aspirations.

Be patient some people can leap tall buildings after a short while others can still do it but they’ll take a different route. Whatever the situation coach in small packets, most of the work is done outside the interchange.

Guide, don’t steer. Don’t conclude what is good for someone. Mistakes are rich sources of learning. They must own the process and the outcome.

Don’t answer, ask. Ensure they engage and create the solution. Don’t have them paint by numbers.

Know yourself. Don’t guide or advise on things you wouldn’t do yourself. Your integrity and your own self-awareness are your collateral.

Motivate and ground. Build confidence but not too hastily (Pro-vance – protect and advance)

Stretch. Keep asking, let them know what you think is possible for them. No soft targets, have them believe what’s possible.

You don’t need to be a psychologist , in fact don’t even try (unless you are one).

Your staff are great, you need to have them believe that and know that you do to.

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