What we focus on

How many people die each week in India from car crashes?

Most readers will readily recall the recent Boeing 737-800 crash at Mangalore killing 158 and with a remarkable 8 survivors.

You probably felt sympathy for the families and thought just how dicey air-travel can be.

Many of you are probably regular travellers and thought about the risk this posed.

We are influenced strongly by what we pay attention to (or what the media has us pay attention to).

Over 80,000 people die each year from road accidents in India alone, over 36,000 in the USA. One Managalore every twelve hours – just in road fatalities in India and the USA. 1 person every 7 minutes in India alone.

That’s pretty sobering! Where are you driving tomorrow?

We get caught-up paying attention to those things which make the most noise, the thing others are paying attention to, or the things which cause us less pain to contemplate.

We can unconsciously ignore those things which always ‘are’ or those things seemingly dsitant from us, or even the things which have the potenial to truly ‘pain us’.

The workplace is no exception.

Equipment breakdowns are a classic example. The hero steps in to repair . The cause is not given proper attention (The superhero is the one who implements a maintenance strategy).

We may reward the sycophantic employee, and chastise those who challenge us and push the buttons of the organisation (and may well have the most to offer).

We may listen to the noisy client and ignore the truly critical one who will walk quietly from our business and tell others (with credibility).

What and who is receiving your attention at work, be it people, clients, tasks, equipment or processes?

Identifying those matters which will have the greatest impact (positive or negative) is the key to unlocking the potential of your organisation or averting disaster.

If you don’t have a laser like focus on the critical aspects of your business, you are flying blind, and your business one day could crash too.

Take an audit of the different things critical to your business – and ask yourself – “Are these the things that get our attention?”

Do it with honesty and you may well find great prospects and great threats just flying under the radar.

2 Replies to “What we focus on”

  1. Richard,

    This blog is a great reminder to escape the tyranny of the urgent and refocus. I’m on the road today. You’ve motivated me to use the time to think and rethink urgent vs. important.


    Leadership Freak
    Dan Rockwell

  2. HI Dan, Thanks for dropping by and for the positive comment. Yes stated that way it sounds rather Stephen Covey like. also it reminds me the rules are fairly simple but we need to be retold them now and then. Safe travels.
    Richard (Note Dan’s blog is excellent value – and kick started this blog – it is found in my blogroll side bar)

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