Connecting the dots

connecting the dots

All of what happens is set of by seemingly incuous events at any stage in our life.

One of my favourite fiction authors is John Irving – he has a great line/theme/refrain in The Hotel New Hampshire – Keep passing the open windows.

It presents both a view of life and a mantra which many of the characters have adopted without questioning why.

I’ve always liked this a a reminder operating in my subconscious, but never quite felt the windows were that numerous or that open.

I think it was Woody Allen who said “90% of getting the job is turning up for the interview”.

And perhaps between these thoughts lies ‘my own truth’

I walked through some windows,shut and ignored others, and probably smashed one or two without realsing along the way. And yet…

Everywhere we go we set in place a series of events where some, but not all of these events will rejoin us, either benefically or not.

What makes the difference is whether the dots are in the right place, how they join up, and whether any blemishes have been set right.

The twist is that is easier to tell when you’re forming the wrong picture than when you have the right one.

This is pretty much the reverse of the adage that it is much easy to tell the truth than to lie – because when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember what you said.

The truth is always with you.

As a leader your actions, your character, your integrity are always present even if your actions are in the past. You are constantly placing dots on the pages of your life, and showing those who follow, those who aspire your blueprint for leadership. May it be a beautiful picture to behold.


2 Replies to “Connecting the dots”

  1. Dear Richard,

    Life is best looking forward connecting dots backwards. It is true, future is uncertain but learning from past and integrating those experiences with our capabilities and potentials become more clear to focus on future. Yes, it is very difficult to protect untruth but you don’t need any protection for truth.Also, you have to speak hundred times lie to cover one lie but you don’t need to lie to speak the truth. Steve jobs never graduated from college but he was well organized to use his past learning while making apple computer. So, the real development in life is not only looking forward but looking forward with well connected backward. And this approach makes a lot of difference in your attitude, actions and decisions.

    1. Dear Ajay
      good point about looking backwards. i feel that looking backwards t learn is fine, looking backwards to dwell is absolutely negative energy. i really appreciate your attention to my posts and the ongoing courage you demonstrate by contributing. I feel very connected. Richard

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