Show Pony

Someone who stages an event with only their personal adulation in mind. Especially when they take all the credit for what was inevitable (and too serious to become entertainment).   Note: I will be posting regular two-sentence pieces like this to keep reading brief on points of simple reflection. They will be tagged "Two Sentences"

I Am

In current times it’s inevitable that some of my posts will veer into politics. With the surreal event taking place in Singapore at present I can’t resist passing comment on how our egos interfere with our effectiveness. Safe to say if you’re reading this blog your ego is nowhere near the issue it is for …

Don’t encourage me!

With the remarkable success of doubling my visits for each of the first three days since I got my blog back and running under a new address, I'm encouraged. So thanks whoever you are. In return a new post is coming out in a few minutes. Bless Richard

Being different

OK so I'm biased. Well I don't mean to be, but I am. Worse, I think I am less biased than most. But then, I'm biased. I love the anecdote of the medical professor presenting himself to a rather erudite audience and saying "statistically speaking 50% of this room are practitioners who are worse than the average", …