I have had the great pleasure of meeting up with some exceptional people since I moved to Wellington.

These are people I can genuinely recommend.

Werner and Andrea Naef brought the Process Communication Model to New Zealand. Originally from Switzerland and with backgrounds in Psychotherapy and Human Factors (Werner also completed his time with the Swiss Airforce as a Colonel), Werner and Andrea are two of the most sincere, genuine and interesting people I have met. Website

Mandy Lacy is Executive Director of Star Potential Website., I met Mandy whilst completing my training for PCM certification and was impressed by her knowledge of Transactional Analysis, her warmth and her energy. Mandy and I will be working closely together as we refine and explore the application of PCM. She has also been a great contact for me as I begin my further exploration of Transactional Analysis.

Richard Westlake Website was one of the great finds for me during my time at the Institute of Directors. His knowledge of governance, his good humour and common sense are a great combination which will bring plenty to the table for anybody considering a review of their governance environment.

Mason Pratt is Managing Director of Provoke an Online Experience consultancy. Mason was NZIM Young Executive of the Year in 2007 and is a good friend. Anyone looking for a refreshing and innovative approach to being ‘online’ contact Provoke.

The inspiration for this website was Dan Rockwell. He was also my first comment and my first twitter follower. I’m mindful of a piece Dan wrote Honor opens the door and keep this in mind as I hope one day Dan and I can cross the oceans and create a new version of this allegory. Visit Dan’s blog. You won’t regret it.

A great source of thought provoking candy is to be found at Change this. It illustrates one of the true gifts of the internet and the generosity of many of the leading lights in our community. Regular contributors include Seth Godin and Tom Peters to name but two.

I have to give Seth Godin his own mention. I think he is a rock star. I find so little to disagree with in what he says it almost annoys me – if I could find more to disagree with I’m sure I would like him even more!! Blog

Jim Wilkes is founder of Hothouse. He was my find of 2009. He found me or I found him I’m not sure which. Anyway -check out his website and then come back again shortly as I happen to know he has something extraordinary planned for the very near future. The future holds way more than executive search.

Jane Kennelly is a long time friend of mine – back all the way to school. She is an extraordinary person with passion and go forward to burn. Whenever I think I need to push myself a little bit harder I think of Jane and she thinks of an old phone number (private joke!). She is Company Director of Frog Recruitment

more to come…